Just Remember I Care

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When you think you’re alone
In the middle of the night,
When you’ve just had an awful dream
And you’re shivering with fright,
You lie there alone and scared
And wonder if anyone cares.

If you look into your heart
You’ll always find Me there.

Sometimes life is just too hard
And you need to get away.
You need someone to talk to
Who will listen to what you say,
Someone who will let you know
That they’ll always be there.

When you can’t find anyone
Just remember I care.

When there is nowhere else to go
You can always come to Me
I promise that I’ll be there
In your greatest hour of need.
I’m sure you can find Me
If you take the time for prayer.

When the whole world seems to hate you
Just remember I care.

just remember i care

Hare With Many Friends | Aesop’s Fable On Loyalty

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A Hare with many friends was very popular with all the other animals, who all claimed to be her true friends.

One day she heard hunting hounds approaching and hoped to escape with the help of her many friends.

So, she went to the horse, and asked him to carry her away from the dangerous hounds.

The horse declined, with the excuse that he had important work to do for his master.

The horse felt sure that any of the other friends would come to the hare’s  assistance.

She then approached the bull, and hoped that he would repel the hounds with his horns.

The bull replied: “I am very sorry, but I have an appointment with a lady; although I feel sure that your friend the goat will do what you want.”

The goat, however, feared that his back might do the hare some harm if he took her upon his back.

The ram, he felt sure, was the proper friend to ask for help.

hunting hounds


So she went to the ram and told him her case for assistance.

The ram replied: “Another time, my dear friend. I do not like to interfere on the present occasion, as hounds have been known to eat sheep as well as hares.”

The Hare then finally went to the calf as a last hope, who regretted that he was unable to help her.

As he did not like to take the responsibility upon himself, as so many older persons than himself had declined the task.

By this time the hounds were in plain sight, and the Hare took to her heels and luckily escaped.

Moral of the story :
He that has many friends, has no friends.

TRAVEL Guide To Relationships

If you want more closeness.
If you desire deeper and broader relationships.
And a more meaningful and longer-lasting life,
Remember the word T-R-A-V-E-L.

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T is for TRUST
Trust is the glue that holds people together. A relationship will go nowhere without it.

R is for RESPECT
Respect others and let them know that you value them. As Anna Cummins writes, “Do not save your loving speeches for your friends till they are dead; do not write them on their tombstones, speak them rather now instead.”

Sometimes affection means love. Sometimes it means a touch. It always means kindness.

Though we may feel afraid to let another too close, no relationship will go anywhere without risking vulnerability. Jim Rohn says, “The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy.”

Learn to be open. Learn to communicate freely. The kinds of relationships you make are determined by how openly you communicate with others.

Victor Borge said, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

For relationships that can really go somewhere,
remember the word T-R-A-V-E-L.

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Elephant and Dog – A Jakata Tale

One of the ancient Jakata Tales as retold by Ellen C. Babbitt.

The Elephant And The Dog Fable

ONCE upon a time a Dog used to go into the stable where the king’s Elephant lived. At first the Dog went there to get the food that was left after the Elephant had finished eating.

Day after day the Dog went to the stable, waiting around for bits to eat. But by and by the Elephant and the Dog came to be great friends. Then the Elephant began to share his food with the Dog, and they ate together. When the Elephant slept, his friend the Dog slept beside him. When the Elephant felt like playing, he would catch the Dog in his trunk and swing him to and fro. Neither the Dog nor the Elephant was quite happy unless the other was near-by.

Elephant Dog Friends Jakata Tale-1

Farmer Separates Dog From Elephant

One day a farmer saw the Dog and said to the Elephant keeper: “I will buy that Dog. He looks good tempered, and I see that he is smart. How much do you want for the Dog?”

The Elephant keeper did not care for the Dog, and he did want some money just then. So he asked a fair price, and the farmer paid it and took the Dog away to the country.

The king’s Elephant missed the Dog and did not care to eat when his friend was not there to share the food. When the time came for the Elephant to bathe, he would not bathe. The next day again the Elephant would not eat, and he would not bathe. The third day, when the Elephant would neither eat nor bathe, the king was told about it.

The king sent for his chief servant, saying, “Go to the stable and find out why the Elephant is acting in this way.”

Sad Elephant Dog Jakata Tale

Elephant Sad Without Best Friend

The chief servant went to the stable and looked the Elephant all over. Then he said to the Elephant keeper: “There seems to be nothing the matter with this Elephant’s body, but why does he look so sad? Has he lost a playmate?”

“Yes,” said the keeper, “there was a Dog who ate and slept and played with the Elephant. The Dog went away three days ago.”

“Do you know where the Dog is now?” asked the chief servant.

“No, I do not,” said the keeper.

Then the chief servant went back to the king and said. “The Elephant is not sick, but he is lonely without his friend, the Dog.”

“Where is the Dog?” asked the king.

“A farmer took him away, so the Elephant keeper says,” said the chief servant. “No one knows where the farmer lives.”

“Very well,” said the king. “I will send word all over the country, asking the man who bought this Dog to turn him loose. I will give him back as much as he paid for the Dog.”

Happy Elephant Dog Jakata Tale

Elephant Happy Again

When the farmer who had bought the Dog heard this, he turned him loose. The Dog ran back as fast as ever he could go to the Elephant’s stable. The Elephant was so glad to see the Dog that he picked him up with his trunk and put him on his head. Then he put him down again.

When the Elephant keeper brought food, the Elephant watched the Dog as he ate, and then took his own food.

All the rest of their lives the Elephant and the Dog lived together in happiness.