Let Go To Find No Time For Regret

I had not really planned on taking a trip this time of year, and yet I found myself packing rather hurriedly.

This trip was going to be unpleasant and I knew in advance that no real good would come of it.

doggy guilt trip

Annual Guilt Trip

I’m talking about my annual “Guilt Trip.”

I got tickets to fly there on “WISHIHAD” airlines. It was an extremely short flight.

I got my baggage, which I could not check. I chose to carry it myself all the way. It was weighted down with a thousand memories of what might have been.

No one greeted me as I entered the terminal to the Regret City International Airport.

I say international because people from all over the world come to this dismal town.

As I checked into the Last Resort Hotel, I noticed that they would be hosting the year’s most important event, the Annual Pity Party.

I wasn’t going to miss that great social occasion. Many of the towns leading citizens would be there.

First, there would be the Done family, you know, Should Have, Would Have and Could Have.

Then came the I Had family.

You probably know ol’ Wish and his clan.

Of course, the Opportunities would be present, Missed and Lost.

The biggest family would be the Yesterday’s. There are far too many of them to count, but each one would have a very sad story to share.

broken chocolate heart
Photo credit: Pedro de Sousa

Broken Dreams

Then Shattered Dreams would surely make and appearance.

And It’s Their Fault would regale us with stories (excuses) about how things had failed in his life, and each story would be loudly applauded by Don’t Blame Me and I Couldn’t Help It.

Well, to make a long story short, I went to this depressing party knowing that there would be no real benefit in doing so. And, as usual, I became very depressed.

But as I thought about all of the stories of failures brought back from the past, it occurred to me that all of this trip and subsequent “pity party” could be cancelled by ME!

“I can’t change yesterday, but I do have the power to make today a wonderful day.”
I started to truly realize that I did not have to be there. I didn’t have to be depressed.

One thing kept going through my mind, I can’t change yesterday, but I do have the power to make today a wonderful day.

I can be happy, joyous, fulfilled, encouraged, as well as encouraging. Knowing this, I left the City of Regret immediately and left no forwarding address.

Am I sorry for mistakes I’ve made in the past? YES! But there is no physical way to undo them.

new growth starting again

Starting Again

So, if you’re planning a trip back to the City of Regret, please cancel all your reservations now. Instead, take a trip to a place called, Starting Again.

I liked it so much that I have now taken up permanent residence there. My neighbors, the I Forgive Myselfs and the New Starts are so very helpful.

By the way, you don’t have to carry around heavy baggage, because the load is lifted from your shoulders upon arrival.

God bless you in finding this great town. If you can find it — it’s in your own heart — please look me up.

I live on ICANDOIT street.

Your precious time: how do you value it?

Imagine God gives you a bank that credits your account each morning with $86,400.

moneylender and wife

This bank carries rolls over no balance from day to day and at midnight discards every part of the amount you have not used during the day.

What would you do?

Draw out every cent, of course! Well, everyone has such a bank.

Its name is TIME.

Stitch in TimeEvery morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds.

Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose.

It carries over no balance.

It allows no overdraft.

Each day it opens a new account for you.

Each night it burns the remains of the day.

If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours.

There is no going back. There is no drawing against the “tomorrow.”

You must live in the present on today’s deposits.

Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness and success.

The clock is running. Make the most of Today.

rose with thornsTo realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who has failed a grade.

To realize the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who has given birth to a pre-mature baby.

To realize the value of ONE WEEK, ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of ONE DAY, ask a daily wage laborer who has kids to feed.

To realize the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realize the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who has missed the train.

To realize the value of ONE SECOND, ask a person who has avoided an accident.

To realize the value of ONE MILLISECOND, ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics.

Treasure every moment that you have!
And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special,
special enough to spend your time.
remember that Time waits for No One.

gift box

Yesterday is History.
Tomorrow a Mystery.
Today is a Gift.
That is why it is called the Present.

Frustration: Life’s Journey Waits For No One

Frustration convinces us that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another one or two or three.

teddy bears over crib

Part I – Dealing With Frustration

Then we are frustrated that the kids aren’t old enough and we’ll be more content when they are.

After that, we’re frustrated that we have teenagers to deal with.

We will certainly be happy when they are out of that stage.

We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when our spouse gets his or her act together, or when we get a nicer car, or are able to go on a nice vacation, or when we retire.

gir with dog in field

Part II – Realizing Frustration Is Not The Problem

The truth is, there’s no better time to be happy than right now.

If not now, when?

Your life will always be filled with challenges.

It’s best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Alfred D. Souza, who said:

“For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin—real life.

“But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, or a debt to be paid.

“Then life would begin.

“At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.”

chainlink fence as obstacle

Part III – Happiness Comes From Accepting Frustration

This perspective has helped me to see that there is no way to happiness.

Happiness is the way.

So, treasure every moment that you have and treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time.

And remember that time waits for no one.

clock time

Part IV – Not Waiting Until

So, stop waiting until:

  • you finish school
  • you go back to school
  • you lose ten pounds
  • you gain ten pounds
  • you have kids
  • your kids leave the house
  • you start work
  • you retire
  • you get married
  • you get divorced
  • Friday night
  • Sunday morning
  • you get a new car or home
  • your car or home is paid off
  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • you are off welfare
  • the first or fifteenth
  • your song comes on
  • you’ve had a drink
  • you’ve sobered up
  • you die
  • or you are born again

Decide that there is no better time than right now to be happy.

Thought for the day:
Work like you don’t need money,
Love like you’ve never been hurt,
And dance like no one’s watching.

Chase the blues away for free and forever

mountain natural high

Free Natural Highs

  1. Falling in love.
  2. Laughing so hard your face hurts.
  3. A hot shower.
  4. No lines at the store.
  5. A special glance.
  6. Getting mail.
  7. Taking a drive on a pretty road.
  8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio.
  9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
  10. Hot towels out of the dryer.
  11. Walking out of your last final.
  12. Finding the sweater you want is on sale for half price.
  13. Chocolate milkshake.
  14. A long distance phone call.
  15. Getting invited to a dance.
  16. A bubble bath.
  17. Giggling.
  18. A good conversation.
  19. A care package.
  20. The beach.Beach and waves
  21. Finding a $20 bill in your coat from last winter.
  22. Laughing at yourself.
  23. Midnight phone calls that last for hours.
  24. Running through sprinklers.
  25. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.
  26. Having someone tell you that you’re beautiful.
  27. Laughing at an inside joke.
  28. Friends.
  29. Falling in love for the first time.
  30. Slumber parties.
  31. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you.
  32. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.
  33. Your first kiss.
  34. Being part of a team.
  35. Making new friends or spending time with old ones.
  36. Playing with a new puppy.
  37. Late night talks with your roommate that keep you from sleeping.
  38. Having someone play with your hair.
  39. Sweet dreams.
  40. Hot chocolate.
  41. Road trips with friends.
  42. Swinging on swings.
  43. Watching a good movie cuddled up on a couch with someone you love.
  44. Song lyrics printed inside your new CD so you can sing along without feeling stupid.
  45. Going to a really good concert.
  46. Getting butterflies in your stomach every time you see that one person.
  47. Making eye contact with a cute stranger.
  48. Winning a really competitive game.
  49. Making chocolate chip cookies!
  50. Having your friends send you homemade cookies!
  51. Spending time with close friends!
  52. Running through the fountains with your friends.
  53. Riding a bike downhill.
  54. The feeling after running a few miles-an accomplishment!
  55. The feeling you get the first time you step on stage.
  56. Seeing smiles and hearing laughter from your friends…
  57. Holding hands with someone you care about.
  58. Wearing your boyfriend’s shirt that still smells like his cologne.
  59. Running into an old friend and realizing that things (good or bad) never change.
  60. Discovering that love is unconditional and stronger than time.
  61. Riding the best roller coasters over and over.
  62. Hugging the person you love.
  63. Watching the expression someone’s face as they open a much-desired present from you.
  64. Kisses on your forehead from the first and only boy you have ever loved.
  65. Watching the sunrise.
  66. Getting out of bed every morning and thanking God for another beautiful day.