Kite Story Of Mother And Daughter

pulling on strings of life

There was a mother and daughter who went out kite flying.

While the little girl flew her kite the mother read near by, not paying attention to where her daughter’s kite was flying.

Suddenly clouds passed over which made the mother look up.

She could see her little girl holding the string to the kite but the kite itself was not visible.

The mother approached the girl and said, I don’t see your kite, I am afraid you have lost it.

The small child looked into her mother’s face and said “no I didn’t lose it, I know because I can still feel it when I tug on the strings that the kite is attached to.”

This story reflects the same way I feel when it comes to my own faith.

That is, I may not be able to see God, but I feel my Lord when He tugs at the strings of my heart by way of my senses.

So when I allow myself to reach out and touch a person, smell a flower, see the blue sky, hear soothing music, or simply taste life giving food and water it is then, my five senses, like the string to the kite are connected to the greatest supreme being of all.

And it steals my heart away and always will.

Another version of the kite story tells of a girl flying a kite with her father.