The Origin of Friendship

And after all had been created and was neatly arranged,
He looked down upon the people of the earth and said;
“I cannot be there to comfort them in their sorrow,
I can’t be there to wrap my arms around them.

I am here and yes, they will feel my presence but they’ll need something more.”
He paused for a moment and then said:
“I will create for them someone they can see and touch,
I will make this person understanding and compassionate, thoughtful and caring.

She won’t need to be overly intelligent, just sensitive to others needs.
She will have a warm heart and gentle hands and all the time in the world, or so it will seem to those she comforts.
Time will mean very little to her it will never be too late nor too early.
She will be a very blessed individual and many will love her and come to her door often.

She will have to be something very special to take my place because I love my children very much.
I want them to have only the best for they will have many trials and will need a strong shoulder.”
And so he created this individual after much thought and time.
Then he said, “I must give her a name,” he paused for a moment more and then said:

“One of my greatest creations, I shall call her a Friend.”