Love Is – Random Parts Of Life

Back in the early days of the internet, before social media as we know it today appeared, this list of random thoughts made the rounds of forwarded emails.

LOVE ISripped jeans knees

  • the scars on your knees
  • the leftover food in the refrigerator
  • the song the birds sing
  • the pain you inflict
  • the sweet nothingness which flutters from your lover’s mouth
  • a half-complete cigarette
  • diet coke which fizzles on your tongue
  • the rainbow sprinkles on your cupcake
  • the battered package you received in the mail the other day
  • the sound of wind escaping through a small gap in your window
  • the dampness in your hair
  • the chipped red varnish on your fingernails
  • your grandmother’s musical boxgrandma carousel music box
  • the ballet shoes you’ve had since you were five
  • the music playing on your car stereo
  • the flaky paint on your walls
  • the bubblegum stuck under desks
  • the tooth-fairy
  • your hands and the things you can make with them
  • the kisses you blow
  • the clothes you wear
  • 5 am morning breath
  • your sensitive teeth
  • the tingly feeling you get when you get touched at certain parts of your body
  • the tangles in your lover’s hair
  • sleepless nights
  • overdosing on painkillers
  • telling lies and not getting caughtpinocchio dolls
  • undeserved success and recognition
  • blacking out from consuming too much alcohol
  • being desired by multiple parties
  • solving a mathematical problem
  • watching the people around you
  • screaming out of your window in the middle of the night
  • flaming your lover’s ex
  • make-up sex
  • smudged mascara
  • disheveled hair and smeared lipstick
  • the coffee and bagel you have on a daily basis
  • little children
  • silence
  • recyclable materials
  • trees
  • photosynthesis
  • growth
  • development

Love is
A careless mixture of everything else we worry about